“Astrology is an ecstatic discovery that unfolds constantly.  Every symbol opens my eyes to my knowing, which is deeply validating. I feel held in the Universe and compelled to share this gift with everyone.

“There’s nothing more exciting to me than when those I’m privileged to help, make a symbol-to-self connection.”



Nikki Davis is a compassionate healer with 35 years of helping others experience their essential beauty and purpose. With this ancient wisdom she guides others in understanding their dilemmas, as well as navigating life and relationships.

The Journaling Journey

Intending to major in Journalism, Nikki’s education took an unexpected turn. She has a BA in Women’s Studies where in she was swept away by journal writing as a feminine art.

She invented a kind of Personal Journalism. Through her monthly Full Moon Journal she shares personal stories relating to the themes in the current sky.  She chronicles daily life challenges through the lens of astrology to promote awareness. Informative and entertaining, her writing reveals the healing art of symbolic thinking while embracing our fate.

For Fellow Caregivers

Her Masters in Holistic Counseling Psychology from Lesley University validated her use of Astrology as a comprehensive personality system.

She is eager to share how Astrology sheds light on psychopathology, as well as all other healing systems. With this integrative knowledge she offers spiritual guidance for fellow health providers, caregivers, teachers, parents — anyone in need of support while supporting others.

“I hope to give you the gift I’ve been given in my 35 years of loving astrology. I’m eager to develop a learned community of archetypal thinkers who joyfully receive and carry on this beautiful work.”

More About Nikki

Astrology guides all of her work whether the planets speak behind the scenes or center stage. Nikki is also a hands-on healer. She has a practice where in she gives deeply relaxing aromatherapy facials and massage. Being on her table is a transformational experience. Her Facial Treatment is affectionately nicknamed “A Spacial.”

In her sanctuary, she custom blends products for skin and health. You can read more about her hands-on and alchemical practices at HolisticOasis.com

Nikki is an animal rights supporter on a vegan journey to optimal health. She is currently receiving a certificate in Plant-based Nutrition from Cornell, and is adding this food and lifestyle coaching to all of her offerings.